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BLUBLOX is the better way to pay, identify, and securely own all types of digital assets.
By using an open, peer-to-peer network, BLUBLOX operates free from any centralized control or governmental censorship.

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What is BLUBLOX?

BLUBLOX is an advanced blockchain technology that uses biometric devices to authenticate people on a decentralized peer-to-peer network.

While existing offerings provide software only solutions, BLUBLOX will design both hardware and software technologies into a global identification system that is fast, secure, and ready to handle a variety of practical daily uses. BLUBLOX will feature fast and convenient biometric payments, smart contracts and physical access control. A BLUBLOX smartphone app will allow users to control the various tokens in their wallets, turning BLUBLOX into a powerful tool for sovereign identity management.

BLUBLOX will be used to transform all types of insecure technologies such as paper tickets, reward cards, travel itineraries, and keys into new digital forms of value and information. This new ability to link physical, personal, and digital assets onto a biometrically capable blockchain will change commerce forever and help create a more personalized and privacy conscious future.

Identification Management app

Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can view and edit their wallet and any of the data they wish to share in it, including deleting, sharing, and modifying vendors tokens.


BLUBLOX allows access to one’s own personal information, as well as control any 'identity tokens" that are linked to their biometric wallet. The BLUBLOX app will allow users to manage their private data and decide how much access a company or organization should have.
The BLUBLOX application will have many features, including:

  • Inimitable, loss & theft proof biometric keys
  • Ability to modify & delete identity tokens
  • Two factor password authentication
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum & Monero wallet support
  • Works with Android and Apple devices


BLUBLOX will conduct a primary token sale On September 1st 2018 in which 12.36% of all coins will be sold, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin as methods of exchange. A limited token pre-sale will be offered on July 4th 2018, selling 2.63% of all tokens and will last 60 Days or until all allocated coins are distributed.

Pre-ICO Token Start

July 4, 2018 (12:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

24,270,509 BLBX

Primary Token Sale

September 1, 2018 (12:00AM GMT)

ICO Token Price

1 BLBX = .0013 ETH ($0.52 USD)
100 BLBX = .00721 BTC

Maximum Token Supply

161,803,398 BLBX

Pre-ICO Token Price

1 BLBX = .001 ETH ($0.40 USD)
100 BLBX = .00721 BTC

Presale starts in:

  • Accepted Currencies

Distribution of tokens


Use of proceeds


Roadmap RoadMap

January 2018

Start of BLUBLOX Development

April 2018

Launch Website and Marketing Campaigns

July 2018

Start of Token Pre-Sale

September 2018

Start of Primary Token Sale

December 2018

Biometric Device Finalized (Pre-Orders)

June 2019

Testnet/Wallet Launch - Open Source Documentation Released

September 2019

Full BLUBLOX Network Launch

January 2020

Deploy Global Sales Teams (BLUBLOX Affiliates)

April 2020

Expand Core Funtionality & Sidechain Compatibility

December 2020

Release Internal Token Exchange Network

February 2021

Begin Version 2 Biometric Device

Frequently asked questions FAQ'S

THE BLUBLOX team is dedicated to creating new era of true identity privacy for everyone. Here are the answers to some of the most popular questions, with a few others. If you have additional inquiries, please get in touch using the contact form below.

The BLUBLOX Network - is a publicly owned identification blockchain platform that uses biometric technology to authenticate people.

BLUBLOX (pronounced blue blocks) is short for Biometric Ledger Utility Blockchain.

BLUBLOX works by reading an individual’s unique hand pattern and converting it into a virtual wallet that can be used to securely identify them. Using this wallet, with the hand being the key, a person can prove and access all types of digital or digitized assets with just the biological information on their hand.

By using tokenization methods, a person’s actual biometric identity is never stored or shared. Instead, a static representation (token) is used to differentiate one user from another. These tokens remain forever inaccessible on the blockchain unless the user is physically present.

BLUBLOX Network will conduct a token pre-sale July 4th, 2018
The Primary ICO will start on September 1st, 2018.

During the pre-ico event, BLUBLOX will distribute a total of 4,270,509 BLX Tokens. The primary ICO distribution allotment will be 20,000,000 BLUBLOX tokens.

1 BLX token = $0.50 USD ($100 USD minimum)
A pre-ICO token price of $0.30 USD per BLX will be offered during the pre-sale event, while available.
The First 6 days of the BLUBLOX ICO pays out additional bonus tokens:
Day1 +20%
Day2 +18%
Day3 +16%
Day4 +14%
Day5 +12%
Day6 +10%

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin will be accepted in exchange for BLUBLOX tokens.

After payment confirmation, BLUBLOX tokens are sent to the purchasers specified ERC20 token compatible wallet address.
(Do not send payments from an exchange like Coinbase or Binance, these exchanges cannot receive BLUBLOX tokens.)

The maximum cap of all BLUBLOX tokens will be 161,803,398

BLX tokens are used to power all of the transactions on the BLUBLOX network, including generating identity tokens, processing biometric scans, and retrieving identifying information. BLX Tokens are needed by companies, vendors, and individuals if they wish to transfer tokens or access data on the network. BLUBLOX tokens can also be used as a store of value because of its operational use to merchants and organizations.

56% Mining - 90,609,902 Tokens (Over the next 6 Years)
15% ICO Allotment - 24,270,509 Tokens
15% Founders Stake - 24,270,509 Tokens
10% Company Holdings - 16,180,339 Tokens
2% Development Fund - 3,236,067 Tokens
2% Bounties - 3,236,067 Tokens

Much like a traditional wallet, the BLUBLOX wallet can store identifying information that links you to the things you own. Because these wallets can only be unlocked with a physical hand, they offer a greater level of trust and security than conventional wallets and are much easier and safer to use.

The wallet is designed to store unique tokens generated by merchants on the BLUBLOX Network and releasing it to them again when the corresponding biometric key has been presented. These different tokens can represent all types of digitized assets and information which is accessible only to the original token issuer. (i.e. The Merchants)

For example, your dentist creates token A in your wallet. Because that token is only accessible with your biometric print, it can be used to confirm your identity and give access to specific information your dentist needs about its patients. (Insurance info, name, date of birth, allergies, etc.)

Your grocery store also creates a new token in your wallet, Token B, which could represent a rewards or member number, but doesn’t require access to your insurance or personal info. The dentist and grocer cannot view each other’s tokens or discover the existence of each other’s token in the same wallet. In contrast, The BLUBLOX wallet will allow all tokens to be viewed, deleted, and sometimes transferred by its biometric owner using the BLUBLOX smartphone app.

In addition to identity tokens, the BLUBLOX wallet can hold Bitcoin, Litecoin, BLUBLOX, and Monero. These currencies, along with BLX tokens, can be spent at BLUBLOX terminals, at market value, if a merchant has chosen to accept them. Additional coins can be added through API development tools.

Technically, there can be one separate wallet, or identity, per hand.

BLUBLOX is designing it's own platform based on theCryptonoteandBitcoin Whitepapers.

The BLUBLOX reader is a versatile device that can be deployed on the BLUBLOX Network in many different scenarios and will be Open-source to allow further compatibility in a variety of applications. A number of standard features have been implemented in the MVP including a touch screen, biometric scanner, Wi-fi, Bluetooth and NFC. More detailed information is not prepared for release at this time.

This information will be released in the final BLUBLOX Whitepaper.

The BLUBLOX team is using a POW (proof-of-work) ledger and multi-cascades of SHA-256 hashing algorithms.

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